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Civil Engineering and Business Administration (M.Sc.)

General Information

The consecutive Civil Engineering and Business Administration Master’s course builds upon the Civil Engineering and Business Administration Bachelor's course. It prepares the students for a successful future career and professional practice in many fields of the economy (such as industry, real estate management, transportation system, commerce, banking sector, insurance industry) within the different functional areas of a company. The acquired competences are the basis for a self-employed entrepreneurial activity, too. The course meets the growing demand of the economy for academics in qualitatively challenging managerial activities.
Graduates find their field of activity predominantly in the interface between technology and the economy due to their interdisciplinary education. Together with the basic professional knowledge gained in their bachelor’s degree combined with highly trained social competence enables them to shape and lead all kinds of technical-economic determined business processes.
They gained deeper competences in the substantial functions of business proceedings such as the value creation process, finance and information technology. They are able to recognize and to solve tasks from both the perspective of a graduate of business administration as well as that of civil engineering. Furthermore, due to well-developed skills in communication, leadership and decision-making during the studies, graduates are able to bear greater responsibility.

Further information

Qualification:Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Start:winter semester
Duration:2 years
Enrollment Requirements:

Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree or a comparable degree in the field of civil engineering with constructional knowledge. A minimum final average grade of “good” is recommended.
Sound German Language Skills (Department of study
services/ Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten)

Please note due to the limited admission capacity of HTWK Leipzig not all applications may be successful.

Course Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Peter M. Wald

For more information (in German)

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