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The City of Leipzig

Leipzig is eastern Germany’s ultimate student town, rich in both history and natural beauty. It was the birth place of German universities and research centers and offers wide and varied cultural highlights and nightlife to explore. Learn more about Leipzig.

The faculty's student organization “Fachschaftsrat”

The faculty’s student organization “Fachschaftsrat” consists of nine members elected by the students of the faculty.
In addition to the student-led administration the “Fachschaftsrat” also assists first year students and international students alike helping them integrate into university life. Moreover, it also initiates student projects and organizes leisure activities.
When deciding on the right course for you the opinions of fellow students and its graduates is just as important as acquiring official information about the university and its educational provision. So, why not get in touch with the “Fachschaftsrat” to find out what students say about the faculty and its courses?

Phone: +49 341 / 3076 6597
Mail: fswiwi (at) fbw.htwk-leipzig.de

Letzte Änderung: 22.4.2016